Online Scams and Precaution Methods

Online Scams

The first precaution is to create a strong password with all the combinations and changing the same very frequently. Please avoid creating a password using your date of birth, spouse and children’s names. The scammers will easily find out these kinds of passwords. Do not use the same password for all your online accounts. Also, do not allow your system to auto save your passwords. It is also advisable not to store your passwords in a file format on your computer. you could try these out on the following website

Anti-Malware Software
Computers are vulnerable to viruses. So you need to select a best anti-malware program or software to your computer to avoid being affected by computer viruses. Viruses are so dangerous, and it can totally erase all your stored data from the computer. Also, scammers can access your confidential details easily if your system is affected by the virus. Please ensure that your malware software is always on and enable automatic software updates. So that it can protect your computer from latest viruses. Please ensure that your home or office internet connection is secured by passwords using encrypted methods. Always remember to scan for viruses all your external devices before using.

Mails from unknown sources
Email is one of the easiest methods of cheating used by scammers. Normally you will get an email from scammers who will contain some external links or attachments. The links normally look like genuine at first sight. There will be a small spelling mistake compared to the original link address. You have to be extremely careful before opening these files. None of the financial institutions ask your personal information over emails, and hence please do not reply to those kinds of emails. Please immediately be alert in case you receive such emails asking your confidential banking details.

Personal Confidential Data
It is quite easy to find out all your basic personal details such as your full name, address, date of birth and contact details in this modern technical world. So we need to be very careful and do not give any room for a fraudster to find out our personal details. Please do not provide your personal details online using public internet centres. Note that even after you delete the details online, it is nowadays so easy to retrieve back the details again using advanced technologies.

Child Protect mode
Modern world kids are very smart, and they use the internet very frequently to get information that they want. They use internet facility for playing online games and also for some educational purposes. Always keep a watch on what your kids are doing online. Scammers will easily get access to your computer through some online games. So it is advisable to use some child protect mode on the computer so that it can restrict your kid’s internet usage.

Report a Scam
If you came to know that you are being targeted by some scammers, please immediately report the scam details to the Government agencies who deal with cyber-crimes. If it is a financial loss, please report the same to your financial agency and their fraud control cell to do further investigations.

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